Journalism & Mass Comms Hiring Making a Comeback?

Journalism & Mass Comms Hiring Making a Comeback?

With all the job losses in the Mass Communications industry in the past several years the following question begs to be asked: Are all these veteran journalists and mass communication professionals ever going to be rehired?

One Pew Research article entitled: Job Market Shows Some Improvement For Recent Communications Graduates may hold some answers to this question.

The article written by Jan Lauren Boyles, Google Journalism Fellow of the Pew Research Center Journalism Project cites a University of Georgia survey , ” Nearly two-thirds (65.6%) of students earning bachelor’s degrees in journalism or mass communication found full-time work within six to eight months of their 2012 graduation-an increase from 62.2% in 2011 and an 18% jump from 2009, at the depth of the recession.”

Yet, the question remains, how does this increase in hiring of recent grads affect the rehiring of veteran journalists?

Another passage in the article may pose a solution for better or worse depending on which veteran you talk to, “The survey finds that in order to supplement their incomes, recent graduates in journalism and mass communication are active in freelance work. Nearly a quarter (24.7%) of respondents with full-time jobs said they were actively freelancing as well.”

The Pew Research article may be foreshadowing where our community of writers is heading. We only need to turn to the web and note the inclusion of the term permalance as part of our daily jargon.

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