UrbanADLab: A Home for Creative Partners

UrbanADLab: A Home for Creative Partners

urbanadlab bakery girl tattooWe’re a small team of professionals motivated by the idea that you can do a better job of connecting with individuals, groups and organizations through the creation of content. Whether that be video, audio, blogging or even body ink. If you’re tired of all the “industry” rants about how things are becoming fragmented and how people are losing their jobs and how things used to be different – then congratulations, you’re ready for a change.

UrbanADLab is interested in PARTNERING with creative talent. It doesn’t matter to us what agency you came from or what client you worked on. What matters to us as a team is that YOU produce creative work. We don’t need to see a RESUME! As a matter of fact, don’t even bother sending it in since we’re going to ignore it. What we do care to see is your creative work, no matter what that is. There is no need to tell us you’re creative, just show us.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a paycheck then we’re probably not a team that’s for you. Our team is currently building partnerships – not hiring employees. UrbanADLab seeks creative minds and collaborators. Whether you design, write, compose, shoot, edit, sing or dance, then you can make a home with us. If you’d like to contact us to show us what you do then reach out to Robert: ralvarado@urbanadlab.com


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